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The tartar (deposits on teeth or calculus) is formed as a result of not cleaned dental plaque, which is hardening when time is passing. The tartar can not be removed by tooth and paste, but only by a dentist. It’s cleaning may be done manually or with ultrasound. Left unattended, the tooth tartar is the reason for inflammation of the gums from one side and a factor for development of decay and its’ complications.

ProfiJet polishing or so called Air Flow is dispersing high-pressured water and dental sodium paste on the tooth enamel, which leads to removing of even the smallest precipitations and discolourations. It is recommended that the procedure for removing of tooth tartar is made every six months, the time for its completion in the dental studio is about forty minutes, depending on its quantity.


There are two whitening techniques – home or office(dental) whitening. In the home technique prints are taken, and according to them individual plastic splints are made, in which the whitening agent is placed, and in the office treatment the whitening agent is put directly on the teeth for few times under strict dental supervision. The main difference in the two methods of whitening is the percent quantity of whitening agent, which in the office technique is higher, which is the reason that the result is immediately visible.

It is necessary that your gums are in healthy condition, without any signs of inflammation or disease, before you can undergo a whitening procedure. The action of the whitening agent is that it extracts the pigments from inside the dentine and that leads to a full change of colour. The effect is long-lasting. You should know that the whitening agent can not act on old light cured obturations, crowns and bridges. Due to this reason their change may be required. Different colours and shades can be achieved, as the final tooth result will depend also on the colour of the skin, hair and eyes. The procedure is taking about sixty minutes to be completed.