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Paradonthology and oral hygiene
Gum treatment and prevention of tooth decay
We offer professional cleaning and polishing of the teeth, which is a major part of the profile of the tooth diseases. It is advisory that such procedure is done every six months.

Conservative Dental Treatment
The tooth decay, if not treated, can lead to many complications, affecting not only the alive part of the tooth – the pulp, but also the tissues around the tooth. On-time decay treatment is faster, less painful and requires less investment. Treatments of tooth’s pulp diseases – pulpitis, periodontitis, gangrenes.

Orthopedic dentistry
Various mechanical, chemical or bacterial influences can lead to many diseases and damage on the hard tooth tissue. Differences in shape, size, positioning and colour of the tooth are observed. In vast percentage of the cases this can lead to loss of tooth or group of teeth. This loss can be recovered by different crowns, bridges and prosthesis.

Contemporary surgery, combined with latest generation of anesthetics, is a painless method for achieving treatment.

Child dentistry
Temporary teeth must be properly examined and treated, so that this would lead to a development of a healthy permanent tooth structure.